LUXI has just introduced a new concept to those looking to buy a mattress online. The first ever mattress that you can “Try Before You Buy” without having to venture to a retail location.

So, how does it work?

Buy online and pay just $99 to cover the shipping and handling and you’ll receive their signature 3-in-1 Adjustable Firmness Mattress to try for 30 nights.

After the 30 days, you’ll be charged the rest of the purchase price, less the $99.

If you don’t love it after at least 15 days, they will pick it up. The $99 is non-refundable.

What is the main advantage of “Try Before You Buy”?

You only have to spend $99 up front and you get to sleep on the mattress in the comfort of your own home for 30 days. Take most of the risk out of perhaps the most expensive purchase you may make online by only putting a fraction of the money down initially.

Whilst most companies offer hassle-free returns, however, the speed in which you’ll have the money back in your bank account can vary – leaving you out of pocket and potentially unable to purchase an alternative mattress until you’ve been reimbursed.

David Farley, CEO @ LUXI, believes the consumer shouldn’t have to effectively finance their trial period and if they don’t like the mattress have the hassle of making a donation and waiting to be refunded. Consumers used to make decisions in a retail store based on 10 minutes so there is no way you really need 100 days to come to a decision about whether the mattress is right for you.

Tell me more about this LUXI mattress

The LUXI 3-in-1 Adjustable Firmness Mattress is an affordable memory foam mattress, made in the USA, that allows customization of each side of the mattress to suit each individual sleeper. With a simple unzip of the cover and a flip of the comfort layers, you can tailor the mattress to your firmness preference. This is popular with a wide range of customers – including, but not limited to:

  • Customers who aren’t sure how firm they like their mattress
  • Customers who have different firmness preferences to their sleep partner
  • Customers who have changing needs (you may prefer a softer or firmer mattress for a period of time) – recovering from an injury, or during pregnancy.

You can see all our LUXI mattress information here (including prices and coupon codes), and then compare it with any of over 200 other mattresses that you might be deciding between.

You still have the option of purchasing the mattress at the current offer, paying in full and taking advantage of the 100-night trial. The choice is yours.

Alternatives to “Try Before You Buy”

Some of the bigger companies have partnered with retail stores so you can get the old-school touch and feel before you buy. For example, Purple’s mattresses can be found in Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and Mattress Firm.

Sleep Sherpa, have recently launched a second retail location where you can try a selection of popular online brands. What’s the catch? You’ll need to be in Chicago or Minneapolis.

There are payment options that can be used, so in effect, you may only pay a small amount up front. However, often these may exclude you from capitalizing on discounts or offers and may also result in a higher total purchase price after all payments have been made.

Is “Try Before You Buy” actually new?

We believe it’s a first in the bed-in-a-box sector. Mattress Zone works exclusively with online direct-to-consumer mattress brands now in 15 countries around the world (with more sites coming!). From Africa to Asia, Australia to Canada, and Europe to South America we have mattress comparison websites and it’s new for us, with close to 500 mattresses added to our sites we’ve had great exposure.

Will it catch on?

This remains to be seen. We believe it’s a great concept and one particularly powerful at the lower price points. If it’s successful and well-received we’d definitely expect to see competitors add this option in the near future.