Eight The Pod Mattress

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Brand Eight Sleep
Mattress Type Foam

Full $2,295 $2,045
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Queen $2,595 $2,345
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King $2,995 $2,745
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Cal King $2,995 $2,745
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Trial & Warranty

Trial Period
Trial Period (nights) 100
Warranty Length (years) 10 (mattress)
2 (technology)

Firmness Options

One Firmness Fits All?
Adjustable Firmness
Flippable / Reversible Firmness
Half-Half Firmness
Selectable Firmness
Firmness Info The Pod was designed to be comfortable for most people at a medium firmness.

Mattress Construction

Materials Overview The first bed designed to improve sleep through dynamic cooling and heating. Three layer premium foam mattress, 11 inches deep for the ideal support in all the right places.
  • 2" Airflow Top Layer
  • 1" Supportive Air Technology™
  • 4" FlexSpring technology core
  • 4" Durable Premium Base.
The Hub is the core that powers the Pod.
The Pod includes:
  • Dual-Zone Cooling & Heating
  • Advanced Sleep Tracking
  • Free iOS/Android App
Comfort Info If you want to sleep cool, The Pod is the right fit for you. The Pod features personalized temperature regulation on each side. The Pod's temperature is liquid powered. The water temperature ranges between 55 degrees and 115 degrees. The Pod is perfect for couples. Both the dynamic temperature and biometric tracking work independently for each side of the bed so that you and your partner can each create the perfect sleep environment.
Support Info The Active Grid is designed to relieve pressure points, regulate temperature and track biometrics.
Comfort Specs The Pod is our most advanced sleep system offering the latest sensor technology for biometric tracking as well as our proprietary dynamic cooling and heating, enabled by the Active Grid layer.
A new way to wake up: Wake up rested and alert with the Pod's thermo alarm. The Pod adjusts the surface temperature of the bed to wake you up gradually and naturally, without the sound of an alarm.
High-tech sensors track your sleep time, sleep phases, and more. Review your sleep report every morning in the Eight Sleep app.
Support Specs The Airflow layer is soft to the touch and outperforms other foam on airflow, elasticity, and instantaneous response to your body impressions.
The Supportive Air Technology™ comforts your body while millions of air cells reduce pressure in sensitive areas.
The FlexSpring technology core is uniquely responsive and features enhanced cradling performance and high support.
The premium base layer absorbs movement while still providing a natural bounce feeling.
Fabric Specs The Pod has a soft premium knit cover with enhanced breathability.


Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers

Size & Weight

Twin Dimensions
Twin Weight (lb)
Twin XL
Twin XL Dimensions
Twin XL Weight (lb)
Full (Double)
Full Dimensions 52.5" x 74.5" x 11"
Full Weight (lb)
Queen Dimensions 58.5" x 79.5" x 11"
Queen Weight (lb)
King Dimensions 74.5" x 79.5" x 11"
King Weight (lb)
California King
California King Dimensions 70.5" x 83.5" x 11"
California King Weight (lb)


Manufactured in
United States (mattress) & China (technology)
Number of other mattresses 1
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Eight The Pod Pro $3,095 $2,845
12" Foam
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Certifications & Sustainability

CertiPur-US logo
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)
USDA Organic
Rainforest Alliance Certified™
Forest Stewardship Council®
Certification Info


Delivery Cost FREE
Delivery Info

FedEx will deliver to your door, no signature required. Typically receive it within 4 - 6 business days once sent.

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Summer Sale! Get $100 off the Pod or Pod Pro then get an extra $150 off with code AFF150 at checkout. Ends soon

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Full $2,295 $2,045
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Queen $2,595 $2,345
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King $2,995 $2,745
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Cal King $2,995 $2,745
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