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Mattress Type Memory foam
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Trial & Warranty

Trial Period
Trial Period (nights) 100
Warranty Length (years) 12

Firmness Options

One Firmness Fits All?
Adjustable Firmness
Flippable / Reversible Firmness
Half-Half Firmness
Selectable Firmness
Firmness Info Flippable, Dreamzy allows you to select firm on one side and plush on the other giving you a mattress made for everyBODY.

Mattress Construction

Materials Overview Utilizing only the finest European foams and fibers, Dreamzy is able to provide a luxurious mattress at an affordable cost.
Comfort Info Dreamzy's bio-ceramic fibers help increase blood flow while you sleep by helping to keep FIR Infrared dispersal which helps dilate blood capillaries to reduce inflammation, arthritis, RLS and other symptoms. Ceramic has been used on the space shuttle and ISS (International Space Station) to help absorb and disperse infrared to keep astronauts safe. This technology applied to bedding allows your bodies heat to disperse properly while also allowing the capillaries in your blood to dilate which provides better tissue regeneration while reducing chronic pain issues.
Support Info Developed by orthopedic specialists in Germany. Our products help with proper aligment for better sleep.
Comfort Specs Dreamzy Mattress tops feature bio-ceramic fibers that make your bed not only cool to the touch but allow you to sleep 8 degrees cooler. Inside your mattress we also feature open cell visco memory foam that absorbs your body heat away from you. Body heat is then transferred from the foam to the side of your matching where it vents out via our exclusive 3D side panels. Staying cool while you are sleeping gives your body the opportunity to stay in your sleeping position longer, allowing for a deeper more relaxing sleep.
Support Specs Better posture during sleep comes from our double layer memory foam that adapts to your body.
Fabric Specs Cover 100% cotton, border 100% wool.
Manufactured in Germany


Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers

Size & Weight

Twin Dimensions 39" x 75" x 11.5"
Twin Weight (lb) 63
Twin XL
Twin XL Dimensions
Twin XL Weight (lb)
Full (Double)
Full Dimensions
Full Weight (lb)
Queen Dimensions 60" x 80" x 11.5"
Queen Weight (lb) 109
King Dimensions 76" x 80" x 11.5"
King Weight (lb) 130
California King
California King Dimensions
California King Weight (lb)


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