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About the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)

Established to make forestry and forest-agricultural operations sustainable into the future, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sets standards that forest operators and manufacturers must meet in order to market sustainable products to consumers.

Mattresses with an FSC label will often carry a Rainforest Alliance Certified™ label as well, because Rainforest Alliance is an approved certifier for FSC. FSC certifications are also provided by Control Union Certifications, which is an independent certifier for multiple programs.

Two Separate Certification Categories

In the case of mattress production, FSC certifies that the natural latex used has come from an FSC-approved source that manages its forests sustainably and operates in an ethical way.

Manufacturers who use FSC-approved natural latex as part of a finished mattress (that also contains other materials) can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable latex with the FSC Chain of Custody certification. This certification requires the business to identify and separate certified and controlled materials from non-certified and non-controlled materials throughout their journey through the supply chain.

What Does an FSC Label on My Mattress Mean?

If the mattress carries the FSC Chain of Custody label, that means that the natural latex used in the finished product has been sourced sustainably and that it has been tracked along its journey from the forest to your home. This label does not ensure organic production or provide information about how the other materials in the mattress were sourced.

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