Eco-INSTITUT Certified Mattresses


A German organization registered under the legal entity of “GmbH,” Eco-INSTITUT offers testing criteria and equipment for:

  • Construction materials and floor coverings
  • Mattresses and bedding goods
  • Furniture and furnishings
Products that pass Eco-INSTITUT’s standards must comply with the German indoor air guide values RW1 for toxic emissions and must not contain biocides such as moth repellents or tropical wood that is not certified by the FSC, PEFC, or a similar organization.

To qualify for this label, brands must provide a full list of the materials used in the product. The product is then tested in a special chamber for a period between 24 hours and 7 days—depending on the substance being tested—and a report produced that outlines the emissions over time and whether or not the product qualifies for the label.

How Useful is the Eco-INSTITUT Label for Consumers?

When purchasing a mattress, an Eco-INSTITUT certification offers peace of mind that your mattress will not pose a health risk to your family. What is not covered by the label are raw material sources (besides tropical timber) or the economic and social wellbeing of the workers in the supply chain.

These mattresses are all Eco-INSTITUT certified.
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