If you are worried about your mattress containing harmful chemicals or the impact on the environment, these are 10 of the top certifications to consider.

When shopping for your new mattress, it is essential to understand what the certifications mean so you and your family can sleep safely.

Click to see which of the over 200 mattresses listed on this site have that specific certification.

You can then select up to three mattresses at a time to compare side-by-side to make deciding across multiple options and brands easy!

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OEKO-TEX® Certified Mattresses

About OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 This independent, worldwide certification tests raw and semi-raw materials, accessories, and finished household products. It certifies as “compliant” those that are free from

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Eco-INSTITUT Certified Mattresses

About Eco-INSTITUT A German organization registered under the legal entity of “GmbH,” Eco-INSTITUT offers testing criteria and equipment for: Construction materials and floor coverings Mattresses and bedding

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