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If you are looking for household products that are completely safe and non-toxic for you and your loved ones, the MADE SAFE® label can offer complete peace of mind. The first nontoxic seal in America, MADE SAFE® certifies products that are made using 100% nontoxic ingredients that are not known or suspected to harm human health.

In order to qualify for this very strict label, manufacturers have to submit a complete list of ingredients and materials used in the product to be certified (including fragrance) and MADE SAFE® runs this list through their database to analyze each ingredient for its level of toxicity and potential contamination.

As part of this process, the ingredients are assessed according to a number of criteria:

  • Biological accumulation
  • Environmental persistence
  • General toxicity
  • Aquatic toxicity
  • Ecosystem toxicity

The manufacturer then receives a report and is notified of any issues found with their product. They can then either display the MADE SAFE® label if the product is 100% compliant or a “Contains# of MADE SAFE® ingredients” label if it is still on the way to becoming fully compliant.

Benefits and Limitations of the MADE SAFE® Label

As a nontoxic certifier, MADE SAFE® goes further than most labels by banning suspected toxic ingredients entirely rather than simply setting emission limits. While they do not require materials to be organic or produced under fair-trade conditions, they provide a comprehensive Hazard List™ and ingredient database that users can view to educate themselves and use as a reference for selecting nontoxic products for their home.

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